Best ways and tips on how to loose weight in easiest way

By | October 4, 2018
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Losse Weight

Today with the increasing materialism and show-off culture in the world, everybody wants to look perfect. And to look perfect, what’s most required is the ideal weight.  Everyone, whether man or woman, want to lose excess weight and look awesome. But with the increase in busy life and decrease in daily physical activities, it is becoming difficult to lose weight. Whereas some people follow extreme rules to lose weight and end up being ill or malnutrition.

So here we are, with easy tips and advice which you should follow to complete your weight loss challenge. The tips and tricks explained here would really work even in your busy schedule but you have to be persistent and determined to lose weight. Also we are presenting some pros and cons which you should keep in mind before blindly following extreme dieting and ending up being ill.

Proper Diet

Our diet and meal are the most important factors that contribute to weight gain or loss. To lose weight, one must avoid excessive sugar, junk foods and fatty foods. But do remember that some fats like PUFA (omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), MUFA are essential for the body and for weight loss. So increase their intake and reduce the amount of saturated and trans-fat in your meal.

Also it’s a big myth that carbs are bad for weight loss. Ideally , a balanced diet containing adequate in complex carbohydrates, first-class proteins and essential fatty acids can help in weightloss. So be sure to keep your diet balanced. This type of balanced diet can be easily prepared at home.


Those who practice yoga daily, get enhanced body metabolism and speed up their weightloss. Yoga increases our activeness and makes us more aware of what we eat and do.
Practice Yoga daily for at least 30-40 minutes. This not only helps in weight loss but also keeps your heart healthy. There are several yoga postures that help to reduce weight; one of them is Surya Namskar. It has 12 different asanas which help in weight reduction and strengthen the skeletal system and ligaments. ‘Breathing in and out ‘during the poses helps in loosing kilos.


If you want to lose weight, you must know that exercise has no option. The best and fastest way to lose weight is by doing at least 30-40 minutes right exercises daily.  There is no alternative to it. The food is like fuel to our bosy and the body needs to use the fuel. If you are not involved in any physical activity, then it can happen  by means of exercise only.

Take 45 minutes out of busy schedule and do brisk walking. Its the simplest exercise you can go for. But for faster and better results, you need to practice these most effective weightloss exercises:

  • Swimming: It’s a low impact exercise that is easy on your joints. Only 1 hour swimming daily will help you in weight reduction
  • Jogging: A jog daily would not only help you in loosing weight but also increase your stamina to practice other exercises. Start small and then gradually increase the time of your jogging.
  • Jumping Rope: This is fun filled exercise you can practice at your home too. It’s affordable, easy to do and burns a lot of calorie. Just buy a skipping rope and start jumping to lose kilos.
  • Kettlebells: A recent study has shown that 1 minute of this type of workout can burn 20 calories! So it’s fit for losing weight fast.
  • Spot Jump: It’s another great exercise that can be practiced at home to burn calories. Just start jumping at the spot and jump continuously according to your stamina.

Water and Rest

Drinking enough water is an important factor in losing weight. It’s not directly related to weight reduction, but it helps in eliminating toxins from the body thus quickens weightloss.

Superfoods for Losing Weights

Some fruits and veggies like goji berries, flax seeds, kale, spirulina, green tea and Garcinia Cambogia (Malabar Tamarind) are rich in fibre and help in weight loss. They also act as aid for stomach problems. That’s why they are used in many dietary supplements and are recommended for weightloss.


Determination is very important for losing weight. If you thought of losing weight then that thought must be followed by actions. And those actions must persist till you achieve your goal of weight loss.
Keep in your mind that you need to lose weight and never deviate or do something that spoils your hard work.
These were some ways and tips to lose weight easily.

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