Kiki challenge that takes internet by storm.Watch Kiki Challenge by celebrities

By | August 24, 2018
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Kiki challenge
Nowadays a challenge has taken the internet by storm. It is ‘ Kiki challenge’. You must have seen people getting out of car and doing dance on a song called ‘ Kiki Do you love …’. This is what Kiki challenge is.This song is one of the Canadian rapper’s song called ‘In my feelings’ from his latest album ‘Scorpion’. Kiki comes from the lyrics of the song ‘Kiki do you love me?’. But it was not he who started the challenge. The challenge was actually started by a Internet Comedian ‘Shiggy’.
In this challenge, people from all over the world are getting out of a driving car and dancing on the road.

Perfect Kiki Challenge

This is how a perfect Kiki challenge looks:


Desi Kiki

Two Indians have accepted the challenge and did the challenge in their own amazing way.


Bollywood stars:

Watch how bollywood stars have took the challenge.


Kiki by Glamorous Girls:

See how these beautiful girls are taking the Kiki Challenge.


Kiki gone Wrong!!!

Some people got severely injured while doing the Kiki challenge. Watch this hilarious video to know what went wrong


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