Top 5 ways to increase your income day by day & earn lots of money..!!

By | August 13, 2018
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Nowadays every person wants to earn lots of money and they do lots of effort for increasing income.But they have no exact idea through which they can do so. Today, I am going to share my secrets and new ideas to earning extra money from home.


1.Earn money through Insurance Agent:

These days government is more focused about insurance sector, so this sector is witnessing a huge growth and popularity among people. Also, today everybody wants security of life and safe investment of money. So joining this sector would surely prove be a  good step towards earning extra money along with your job or business.

All you have to do is , join insurance company like LIC, Bajaj finance, Health Insurance,SBI Life Insurance etc. and give little effort by weekend time in selling their policies to people who you know or are in your contact. You get commission on every policy premium every time that person pays. This means one time effort in linking people and enjoying benefits whole life!

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2.Earn money through Blogging:

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With the increase of government’s focus in digitizing India and easy access to high-speed internet, there has been an enormous increase in earning through Internet. One of the best ways of earning through internet is having your own blog or website.

All you have to do is to think of a topic on which you want to start, buy a related domain name and then take a starter web-hosting.

If you have coding knowledge then well and good, if not then you can use sites like wordpress that give you easiest way by ‘select n drop methods’ to build your own website/ blog.Then start writing and share the links on your social media profiles.

Also, to earn money you have to apply to Google Adsense and then place your own ads which give you money on views/clicks/impressions.

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This is easiest way for those who have a big circle of friends and have good writing skills.

3. Earn money through Youtube Channel

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Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing site. It also offers a great way to earn money by uploading your videos and getting them monetized.

Note that Youtube has a condition of 1000 subscribers for monetization of videos. But anyone can start his/her channel and start uploading videos and he/she would achieve the goal of monetization soon. Its worth noticing that always upload your original content on Youtube or else you would be removed from it.

This option doesn’t need specialization, anybody with any skill and a smartphone can start making videos on his/her skills and earn money.


4.Earn money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling products of other sites by redirecting people from your site. There are people who are earning even Millions of dollars through affiliate marketing. So, this is the most suggestive way if you wish to earn Lakhs or Crores,in short span of time, in easiest way, from home.

E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart etc and others like Hostgator offer Affiliate by giving their product links. Here you don’t need your own product or store or setup cost. All you need to have is a running website or a blog. You have to place their product link on your website, and whenever someone buys anything from that link you earn commission. They offer variable commission on wide range of products. Just search what’s trending on their store and place them on your site,people will buy, and you will earn.

5.Earn money through digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing sector in today’s era. it has been predicted an enormous growth of in the coming.

Its nothing else but using digital and social platform to advertise any product, service, or even web services.

Firstly you have to learn how to place effective ads on Facebook, Adwords, twitter etc and then you can use your weekends to search for clients who want to publicize their thing. There are numerous of people who want to publicize their product or services at low cost ( starting at 40 Rs!). And trust me, digital marketing is the cheapest way to reach targeted audience and wide range of people as you desire. Start searching for small clients like shopkeepers, schools etc and convert them to your clients by advertising their product or services. You need nothing but a good knowledge of advertising online and a system with Internet connection. You an even publicize your own business likewise.

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So, these were top 5 ways to earn money online. Start which suits you best. Also, do comment your queries and share which one you liked the most.

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